Republicans Stoop to a New Low: Criticizing President Obama for Taking His Dog Shopping!

2011 White House Christmas Card Featuring First Dog, Bo

I saw Eric “The Weasel” Cantor on television yesterday. He was smirking (as usual) and complaining that President Obama had taken his dog to Petsmart to buy him a Christmas bone. Are these idiots trying to get thrown out of office?  Really, how low can these greedy idiots go? This is really pathetic.

John McCain, the 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate, also had a problem with President Barack Obama taking his dog, Bo, for an outing. McCain just needs to accept the fact that he made a stupid choice when he picked Sarah Palin for his running mate. He probably should just retire; I don’t think he’ll ever be able to live down that humiliating blunder.  You seriously have to wonder about McCain’s judgment. Didn’t McCain check out Sarah Palin at all before he picked her?

This prompted MSNBC’s Ed Shultz to bring Rex the Republican Hating Dog onto his show. I thought it was a great way to point out the absurdity of the situation.

Why do republicans resort to such trivial tactics? It just makes them look like petty idiots.

The republicans also have a problem with President Obama’s Christmas card. The Christmas card pictures Bo, a Portuguese water dog, lying in front of the fire in a warm and festively decorated room. I thought it was charming. Sarah “Brain Dead” Palin said the card was “odd.” She thought the card should feature: family, freedom and faith.Sarah, you idiot, many of us do consider our pets to be family members. And a political card needs to take into account that Americans have different religious faiths. Wow, how can someone be this ignorant?

Why is the media even still talking to Sarah Palin? The last I heard, Palin couldn’t even sell her ridiculous new reality show to TLC. Thankfully, Sarah Palin has already had her 15 minutes of fame (the longest 15 minutes of my life)!  It makes me want to vomit whenever I see this jerk on television. Has Sarah Palin ever said anything that was even remotely intelligent? I haven’t heard it.

There is even republican controversy over whether President Obama named his dog after himself using his initials: BO! Wow, republicans love to look for controversy and conspiracy when there is none.

Things must be getting hard for republicans. They’re really desperate now.

Nasty Newt Gingrich Wants Mitt Romney to Stop Being Mean to Him! Poor Newt is the “Victim” of a Smear Campaign

Newt Gingrich : Stop Picking on Me, Romney!

Apparently Newt Gingrich is angry that Mitt Romney is putting out some negative campaign ads against him. Newt wants Mitt to stop this bad behavior immediately. Newt Gingrich says he’s the victim of a smear campaign. Doesn’t this just break your heart? Poor Newt!

Excuse me?  Isn’t Newt Gingrich the king of negative politics?  Newt slams everyone all the time. He is one of the meanest-spirited politicians ever. Now he’s crying that someone is using the same tactics on him?

Newt whines, “I don’t like this negativity. This is politics in its worse form.” Wow, since when doesn’t Newt Gingrich like nasty politics? I guess not when the nastiness is directed at him.

Newt is so mean that he attacked Bill Clinton on the day of his mother’s funeral. Newt Gingrich is not a good person. He served his first wife with divorce papers while she was in the hospital, suffering from cancer! Nice people don’t do things like that.

I just can’t believe it! Now Newt expects everyone to be nice to him? Didn’t Newt ever hear of the “Golden Rule?”

Newt’s making a big downward spiral in the polls now after being the republican flavor of the week earlier this month. Newt has too many skeletons in his closet and he knows it. President Obama would slaughter Newt in the general election. Can you imagine the ads that Obama could put out about Newt and his dirty deeds?

We’re thankful for Newt.  The staff of was heartbroken when the Pervert for President, Herman Cain, dropped out of the presidential race. I suspect that Newt has a lot more skeletons in his closet than poor Herman ever did.  We really miss Herman Cain. I loved it whenever he said something ridiculous, like that the Koch Brothers were his “brothas from another motha.” Good stuff!

But now we have Newt! The republican primary is going to get a lot more interesting in the coming weeks.

Callista Gingrich isn’t doing Newt any favors by appearing with him in public all the time. Does anyone really want Callista Gingrich to be the First Lady of the United States? Callista is a woman of questionable morals who had an adulterous affair with Newt Gingrich while he was still married to his second wife.  Newt and Callista deceived Newt’s 2nd wife for 6 long years! Callista Gingrich is not a nice lady. Nice ladies don’t sleep with married men. I’m not religious, but I’m pretty sure that devout Catholics like Callista aren’t supposed to sleep with someone else’s husband. This level of hypocrisy is stunning and disgusting.

I just had the displeasure of seeing Newt and Callista Gingrich’s Christmas campaign ad. These two sit there like they’re Ozzy and Harriet. Holy hilarious! That takes some real nerve!

Newt:  You are one of the nastiest politicians alive! Apparently you can dish it out, but you can’t take it. You are an evil and elitist troll. More and more skeletons are going to pour out of your closet. Mitt is right: the attacks are going to get worse and worse. And you deserve it.

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Thanks for the Tax Hike, You Greedy Tea Party Freaks!

Eric Cantor : A Greedy Jerk Even in High School!

Why won’t these republican nut jobs just pass the tax cut to help out the middle class? $1000 is a lot of money for middle class families in America!

We all know that the Tea Party and their bought republicans are responsible for this disgraceful situation. Why can’t they just pass the friggin’ bill without sticking in all of this other nonsense?  Yeah, they’ll pass the bill, but only if they can drug test people on unemployment and pass legislation (the Keystone Pipeline) that will fatten the billionaire Koch Brothers’ bank accounts. Why does there always have to be legislation included that will benefit only the top 1%?

Drug test people on unemployment?  Wow, talk about beating someone when they’re down. We all know how well Rick Scott did when he drug tested welfare recipients in Florida. He made a complete fool of himself! I’m sure that mass drug testing will make a lot of money for some greedy corporation. If it didn’t line the pockets of the rich, the republicans wouldn’t do it. Isn’t it funny that republicans claim to be for less government yet they’re always enacting invasive government legislation?

You know, these republicans are really nuts.

Did anyone see Eric Cantor talking about the Tea Party Tax Hike on MSNBC earlier today? He couldn’t keep the smirk off his face!  That’s some seriously shameless behavior! Why doesn’t Cantor just admit that he doesn’t give a damn about the middle class in America?  But this greedy and corrupt idiot drops everything to help out his rich cronies.

I engaged in the same sort of childish behavior when I was a kid. My sister and I would be watching a cartoon and I’d suddenly push my sister on the floor and start crying loudly. Mom would come running into the living room to see what happened.  I’d point at my sister and say tearfully, “She hit ME!”  Mom would yell at my sister and go back to her cooking. I’d smirk at my sister and laugh. The last time I did this was when I was about 6 years old.

This is exactly what the republicans do every single day. But these republicans are grown men and they still act like spoiled children. It’s ridiculous. I’m glad that most Americans can see through their immature tactics.

I wonder how many of my readers have the misfortune of having Eric “The Human Weasel” Cantor as their representative.  Eric Cantor is a liar and a scumbag. I don’t understand how this weasel was elected to begin with. You can tell he’s evil just by looking at him.

John Boehner is another pathetic republican. This lunatic is always crying because the Tea Party gives him a daily butt whipping. I don’t know what kind of mental issues John Boehner has, but there is definitely something very off about him.  I can’t believe this crybaby is the Speaker of the House. He’s got terrible leadership skills! Boehner needs to stop listening to these Tea Party idiots. Doesn’t Boehner know that the Tea Party is toxic?

More Americans are waking up every day. They’re getting wise to what’s really happening. If the republicans and Tea Party mess with middle class America, they’ll get tossed out on their rumps in the next election. The republicans are holding the middle class hostage and blaming everyone else. It’s appalling. Even some republicans like Scott Brown are saying that this is just plain wrong.

The republicans are trying to destroy America as we know it. If more republicans get elected, they’ll succeed in their evil plot. The United States will become a two-class country. Rich people and poor serfs. Children will be forced to work in hard labor jobs. College degrees will only be given to the offspring of the rich. Americans will be working until the day they die. No one will be able to afford basic health care and medical tests. America will become a sad and bleak place. It’s already happening with 1/3 of Americans currently living in poverty. The good news is that we can still stop the destruction of our country if we throw out all of these bought republicans before they can do more damage.

Eric Cantor and John Boehner:  Tell the Tea Party and your billionaire masters to do what’s right for the middle class of America!

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Don’t Let Your Greedy Boss Make a Fool Out of You!

Don’t Let Greedy Employers Destroy America!

Greedy bosses are a huge problem in America today. They are destroying this beautiful country and putting a huge strain on taxpayers. They are getting richer by the minute, exploiting the misfortunes of the working poor in the United States.

Greedy employers love hard economic times like these. They don’t have to worry about any of their good employees leaving for greener pastures. A high unemployment rate is a wonderful thing to a greedy employer.

These so-called “Job Creators” love it when the republicans slash money from education programs. You see, a college degree doesn’t make a person smart or competent. There are very smart and talented people who never got to go to college. There are also some very dumb rich kids who have degrees from Ivy League colleges. These rich pukes only get into these prestigious colleges because their daddy makes large endowments to the schools. Then the spoiled little bastard spends the next four years partying and buying his term papers online.

Employers love it when they get a bright employee who doesn’t have a college degree. They can get away with paying him peanuts. Until the employee gets a 4 year college degree, he isn’t going to be getting any $30,000 a year job. He’s going to remain stuck in this low-paying job for a long time. Probably for the rest of his life.

Greedy bosses also hate providing benefits for their employees.  They won’t even provide their employees with paid sick days. A paid vacation is totally out of the question for low-paid workers.  If they get sick, they can’t go to the doctor anyway because they don’t have health insurance. These employees don’t have pensions or retirement accounts either. They will have to depend on social security and Medicare for their retirement.  And why wouldn’t they? They’ve paid into these programs all of their life. They need these programs to be there for them when it’s their turn to collect benefits.

It’s too bad that these republican freaks want to abolish the senior citizen safety net programs. That’s another important part of the republican plan to destroy the working class in America.  People will have no choice but to work until the day they drop dead. If there is no social security, there is no retirement for them.

Alice Walton is worth about $21 billion. Yet half of her employees qualify for food stamps.  In times of high unemployment, many of her employees are stuck with her lousy job. She can pay them chickenfeed and force the taxpayers to pick up the slack. Wal-Mart loves social programs like food stamps, Medicaid and the Earned Income Credit.  Most of this government money gets spent right back in their store. They can profit twice.  First, they severely underpay their employee so they are forced to apply for social services. Then, they make a lot of money when that social service money gets spent at Wal-Mart because the employee can’t afford to shop anywhere else. Wal-Mart is a company that has its cake and eats it too!

My advice to low-income workers: If you are working in a low-paying and dead end job, you shouldn’t be knocking yourself out to please your cheap boss. If you are being paid $7.50 an hour, you should do exactly $7.50 worth of work.  Nothing is more detrimental to the American workforce than a suck up minimum wage employee who is voluntarily doing the work of four people.  Not only are you taking away jobs from other Americans, you are allowing a greedy employer to take advantage of you. If everyone would stop doing this, employers might be inclined to pay their hard-working employees a fair wage. Don’t let a greedy boss make a fool of you.

Greedy Bosses are not “Job Creators.” They are “Job Killers.”

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Support Wisconsin’s Fight to Throw Corrupt Governor Scott Walker out of Office

Scott Walker: Throw this Bum Out of Office

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may be one of the most despised republicans currently holding office. There is something really odd about Scott Walker. He looks like a cross between a mafia enforcer and Goofy.

The hottest topic in Wisconsin republican politics right now is the Scott Walker recall attempt. Right now, thousands of Wisconsin residents are signing petitions to oust this fascist from the governor’s office. Scott Walker hates labor; he is a radical extremist who is being funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers.

Here are some more greedy corporations to add to your boycott list. The following companies have funded Scott Walker and his attack on working families in Wisconsin: Koch Industries, AT&T, Walmart, John Deere Tractor, Johnsonville Brats, Sargento Cheese, Kwik Trip, Miller/Coors and SC Johnson and Sons (makers of Windex and Pledge).

If you live in Wisconsin, you need to sign the Scott Walker recall petition as soon as possible. Yesterday, on November 19, 2011, more than 40,000 Wisconsin residents stormed the state capitol demanding that Governor Scott Walker be recalled. So far, more than 100,000 signatures have been collected. He didn’t defeat his democratic opponent by a huge margin; recalling Governor Scott Walker is a very good possibility.

Wisconsin citizens were able to successfully recall two republican law makers, Randy Hopper and Dan Kapanke, earlier this year. Two republican bums were thrown out of office. Too bad one of them wasn’t Alberta Darling. She was the one that I would have most loved to see recalled.  Alberta Darling only survived her recall election because she had a ton of Koch Brothers money given to her. Hopefully, the next idiot to be cast out will be Walker himself.

All Wisconsin democrats need to get their boots on the ground and join the fight to remove Scott Walker from office. The greedy billionaire Koch Brothers and their right wing group, Americans for Prosperity, are already paying for a series of televised pro-Scott Walker ads.

To make matters worse, Scott Walker just passed the most restrictive Voter ID law in the country. This oppressive law will leave tens of thousands of voters out in the cold and unable to vote. The people most affected by this legislation are students, minorities and the elderly. The only reason Scott Walker wanted this law was to suppress the rights of democratic voters. If you know of any democratic voters who do not have an Identification card from the Wisconsin DMV, please encourage and help them to obtain one. Every citizen should be able to exercise their right to vote.

Something extraordinary is going on in Wisconsin right now. The people are standing up for their rights against a billionaire-funded fascist governor who wants to destroy their state. All democrats should support the efforts of the Wisconsin recall.

I’ve been following the Scott Walker situation from the very beginning. It really brings joy to my heart to see so many courageous Wisconsinites fighting to push this corrupt governor out. I hope that Florida and Ohio citizens will be fighting hard to recall their immoral governors: Rick Scott and John Kasich.

Scott Walker hasn’t been governor very long, yet he’s already managed to screw over the working families in Wisconsin. Walker never has any money for working families, the poor and the elderly in Wisconsin. However, he always manages to find plenty of funds for his rich buddies and greedy corporate cronies.

Scott Walker has committed many crimes against working families in Wisconsin. Shortly after becoming governor, Scott Walker took away the collective bargaining rights of 175,000 workers. These workers would no longer have the right to ask for fair wages. Worse, Scott Walker used the money he took from these families and gave it to his wealthy corporate CEO pals and his billionaire friends.

Like most republicans, Scott Walker hates education. He cut an astonishing $1.6 billion dollars from the Wisconsin public education system. At the same time, he gave $35 million to corporate owned private schools. Wisconsinites need to join together to protect the educational future of their children.

Scott Walker then cut $500 million from Wisconsin’s medical assistance program, BadgerCare. He even cut millions of dollars from a great program that helps the elderly and disabled remain independent and living in their own homes. How low can someone go? Does Scott Walker have any decency at all?

Walker has also joined in to overturn federal health laws that provide free mammograms to women and guaranteed health insurance coverage for sick children with pre-existing conditions.

Scott Walker also had the audacity to raise taxes on working families and the elderly. He made huge cuts to Wisconsin’s Earned Income Tax Credit ($56.2 million). He also raised the taxes of working families and senior citizens by $70 million. Then Scott Walker proceeded to lower the taxes of his rich friends and greedy corporations by a staggering $2 billion. This shady governor is definitely not working for the people of Wisconsin.

Scott Walker always has money for his rich friends. He hired lawyer friends of his and paid them $500,000 to help him defend his union crushing legislation.  On top of that, he paid them way more than they usually charged. Lawyers that normally made $65 an hour were given a raise and paid $300 per hour.

Scott Walker also killed the high speed rail project that would have created thousands of jobs in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker, who hates regulations that protect the public’s health, is trying to repeal clean water laws in Wisconsin. He’d like to accomplish this so his corporate cronies can continue to pollute the beautiful state of Wisconsin. The billionaire Koch Brothers especially love to pollute. David and Charles Koch have spent big bucks to get Scott Walker elected. In return, they expect to be allowed to pollute Wisconsin until their hearts are content.

Scott Walker has also voted for corrupt and partisan redistricting laws that will benefit Wisconsin republican politicians.

Like his fellow republicans, Scott Walker hates science and medical technology that can save lives. He wants to ban embryonic stem cell research. He also voted to suspend reproductive rights for women.  He’s  made Wisconsin a more dangerous place to live by loosening concealed carry gun laws.

How is Scott Walker’s legislation working out for the people of Wisconsin?  Like all republican voodoo economics, Walker’s policies have been an epic fail. In fact, Wisconsin has lost nearly 20,000 jobs since July of 2011.

Scott Walker opposes recall elections. This makes him a big hypocrite. Ironically, Walker was first elected as the Milwaukee County Executive via a recall election. At the time, Scott Walker called recall elections, “Democracy in action.” Of course, now that he’s the one facing recall, he doesn’t think it’s democracy anymore.

To all Wisconsinites: Keep up the good work and THROW THIS BUM OUT!

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