Worldwide Outrage over Barbaric Execution of Baby Giraffe, Marius, at Denmark Zoo

Marius the giraffe

Photograph: Scanpix Denmark/Reuters


By K. Wagner

I’m both proud and disgusted by mankind today. I’m proud of the hundreds of thousands of compassionate people who signed petitions and spoke up for the sweet giraffe baby, Marius, who couldn’t speak for himself. And I’m disgusted by Bengt Holst and the minority of “humans” who thought it was okay to slaughter a perfectly healthy and beautiful giraffe because he was considered “surplus” by a cruel zoo director. They had offers to move Marius to other facilities, but they chose not to. Why? My guess is that Bengt Holst is a bloodthirsty barbarian who just wanted to put on a gory show. And I’m saddened by the parents who brought their children to witness this gruesome spectacle. I imagine some of these children will need years of therapy to attempt to erase this horrifying image from their minds.

I’ve watched this disgusting excuse of a human being, Bengt Holst, in several televised interviews now. He looks like a ghoul and he makes no sense when he talks. The expression on Anderson Cooper’s face while interviewing him was of complete astonishment. Anderson looked like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. And I couldn’t either. Neither could Jack Hanna, who seemed shocked that they called the butchering of Marius an “autopsy.” Obviously everyone with half a brain knew that Marius was dead because someone shot him in the head.

Bengt Holst  Terrible Human Being and Murderer of Beautiful Animals

Bengt Holst
Terrible Human Being and Murderer of Beautiful Animals

Bengt Holst needs to be fired from the Copenhagen Zoo for several reasons. First, his poor judgment could have a severe financial impact on tourism to Denmark and how the rest of the world sees Denmark. Second, he may be plotting to murder another beautiful animal soon. And most importantly, he showed extremely poor judgment in killing Marius, even though he could have been rehomed. Smart people always know what’s going to happen next. Bengt Holst should have had the foresight to know how bad the backlash and international outrage would be after he killed Marius. Now you see him on television whining about how he and his family are receiving death threats? Come on, Dummy! You didn’t know this was going to happen? It’s really hard to feel sorry for him. Someone who shows so little common sense should not have a position in a zoo, where living creatures depend on him for their safety and well-being.

When I was young, I loved going to the zoo. My parents would take me every Easter and several times during the year. I was always under the assumption that the animals in the zoo were lucky and safe. After all, they didn’t have to worry that they could be grabbed and eaten by lions any second. They would be cared for by loving zookeepers and live happy lives, well-fed and protected. It’s funny how things are never really as they seem. Now I see that the zoos aren’t about the conservation of animals; they’re about the self-preservation of zoos. I would never donate a penny to or visit a zoo again. If I want to see wild animals, I’ll visit Africa or take an Alaskan cruise and view them in their natural settings.

Lately, there have been several incredible documentaries that have come out, such as CNN’s excellent documentary, Blackfish, which point out why it’s not a good idea to keep wild animals in captivity for our entertainment.

The zoo director can’t seem to understand why people are so upset. People anthropomorphize animals. And if we didn’t, zoos and aquariums wouldn’t exist. The zoo can’t have it both ways. You can’t breed an animal, name it, publicize it, make people fall in love with it and then kill it. Of course people are going to be angry. Does the zoo want animal lovers to visit, spend money and become attached to the zoo animals? Or do they want people to shun the zoo because that cute giraffe you saw today will be butchered and fed to lions next week, so they’d better not get too attached. The reason people visit zoos is because they love animals. If people didn’t enjoy looking at beautiful animals, the zoos would have no visitors.

Euthanizing is done to end the suffering of an animal. It bothers me that the Bengt Holst uses the word “euthanize” to describe the death of Marius, who was happy and healthy.

Hopefully, Bengt Holst will be fired before he commits another atrocity on an innocent animals. You can sign a petition to support his firing here.

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