Arguing with Republicans is a Waste of Time



Don’t Waste Your Time Arguing with a Republican

I had to take a hiatus from midway through the Republican primaries. I was getting depressed and burned out by the stupidity I was hearing on a daily basis. And let’s face it, the worst Republican stupidity always rises to the top during primary season when all the candidates try to “out crazy” each other to get the nomination. During the last primaries, we heard republican freaks make statements so absurd that it was no big surprise that Barack Obama was re-elected. Normal people (people who have empathy for others) don’t want to hear crap about building moats filled with crocodiles around boarders so illegal immigrants are eaten alive when they try to cross the border. Surely there is a more humane solution to the illegal immigration problem. But I guess that would take thought, something that most Republicans despise doing.

Last night, I was enjoying watching the Eclipse Awards for thoroughbred champions when my daughter came home and told me that she had been engaging with a Republican co-worker on Facebook. I was disgusted. I’ve warned my kids not to engage with Republicans because the facts just roll off their backs and the debate will end up being an exercise of frustration. Most Republicans get their information from Fox News, conservative websites or other Republicans. And republicans almost always lack empathy which makes it impossible for them to see things through other people’s point of view.

Of course, my curiosity got the best of me and I paused the Eclipse Awards to check out the debate.  Sure enough, we have a 23 year old young woman, still living at home with her parents, spewing bold talk about Obamacare and socialism on my daughter’s Facebook page. She had just recently started working, her first ever job. This young woman is obviously one of the lucky ones. She’s probably never felt the sting of a hungry belly or the discomfort of sleeping in a place with no heat. She lives in her parent’s warm house, enjoying their hospitality and good graces, and worrying that other people might be getting financial help from the government.  She has little, if any, life experience to speak of.

When I was a teenager, my father used to lose to tell me, “Someday, that big door is going to swing open and you’ll be on your own.” And he was right! It’s a cold, cruel and expensive world out there if you don’t have a great job with benefits or a family to support you. I went without health insurance for nearly 20 years, as I made too much money (working as a waitress and a clerk at a bank) for public health insurance, but not enough money to buy private health insurance. I had to do a lot of marginal things to survive. I went without preventative care or examinations for a long time. When I had an infection, I went to the pet store and bought antibiotics that were meant for aquarium fish. By the time I was finally able to secure health insurance as a 42 year old woman, I was sick. Real sick. I had an autoimmune disorder for years that causes terrible inflammation in my body. All those years of not going for routine checkups came back to haunt me. If I had seen a doctor, I probably wouldn’t be so bad off now.

Pro-life Republicans are always squealing about health insurance reform. Republicans generally have a “I’ve got mine, screw everyone else” attitude. If they are currently covered by health insurance, that’s all they really care about. But what about the “million dollar babies?” People with health insurance put a strain on the system too. When a baby is born premature or with health problems and requires incredible amounts of money to save, who pays for that? Should there be limits on how much a person can take from their health insurance to protect the other people from insurance rate increases? Should these babies be left to die because they’re putting too much strain on the health care system? It doesn’t matter if the family has health insurance or not, someone is going to pay for it, either the taxpayers or people/employers who pay for private health insurance.

I didn’t want to engage the young woman too much, so I simply asked her if she had health insurance. She stated, rather shamelessly, that she was currently covered on her parent’s insurance until she is 26 years old. I told her that if it wasn’t for Obamacare, she’d already be uninsured. Thankfully for this young woman, The Affordable Care Act extended the time that young people can stay on their parent’s health insurance from age 22 to 26. Of course, she missed the whole point. Then she started talking about Obama and how he wants to turn the United States into a socialist country. The same tired crazy babble that all Republicans say when they feel their political views are being called into question.

When I explained that not having health insurance could have serious health ramifications, she said, “I’ll risk it.” All I have to say is, “Good luck. You’re going to need it.” A young republican with no life experience making bold statements about her unknown future. What could be sadder than that? I’d love to talk to this young woman in ten years and see if she’s changed her tune. The problem with that is most Republicans subscribe to “the skunk always smells himself last” way of thinking. The red states usually have the highest rates of welfare. So many Republicans don’t practice what they preach. Or they feel it’s okay for them to get welfare, food stamps, free public school, college financial aid ect but it’s not okay for anyone else.

I just laughed. Lately I enjoy contemplating the futility of arguing with republicans. Their incredible shamelessness is quite amusing. I turned off my computer and put the Eclipse Awards back on. Congratulations to Wise Dan, 2014 Horse of the Year!

I sincerely hope this young lady has an easy and healthy life. But as Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”



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