Thanks for the Tax Hike, You Greedy Tea Party Freaks!

Eric Cantor : A Greedy Jerk Even in High School!

Why won’t these republican nut jobs just pass the tax cut to help out the middle class? $1000 is a lot of money for middle class families in America!

We all know that the Tea Party and their bought republicans are responsible for this disgraceful situation. Why can’t they just pass the friggin’ bill without sticking in all of this other nonsense?  Yeah, they’ll pass the bill, but only if they can drug test people on unemployment and pass legislation (the Keystone Pipeline) that will fatten the billionaire Koch Brothers’ bank accounts. Why does there always have to be legislation included that will benefit only the top 1%?

Drug test people on unemployment?  Wow, talk about beating someone when they’re down. We all know how well Rick Scott did when he drug tested welfare recipients in Florida. He made a complete fool of himself! I’m sure that mass drug testing will make a lot of money for some greedy corporation. If it didn’t line the pockets of the rich, the republicans wouldn’t do it. Isn’t it funny that republicans claim to be for less government yet they’re always enacting invasive government legislation?

You know, these republicans are really nuts.

Did anyone see Eric Cantor talking about the Tea Party Tax Hike on MSNBC earlier today? He couldn’t keep the smirk off his face!  That’s some seriously shameless behavior! Why doesn’t Cantor just admit that he doesn’t give a damn about the middle class in America?  But this greedy and corrupt idiot drops everything to help out his rich cronies.

I engaged in the same sort of childish behavior when I was a kid. My sister and I would be watching a cartoon and I’d suddenly push my sister on the floor and start crying loudly. Mom would come running into the living room to see what happened.  I’d point at my sister and say tearfully, “She hit ME!”  Mom would yell at my sister and go back to her cooking. I’d smirk at my sister and laugh. The last time I did this was when I was about 6 years old.

This is exactly what the republicans do every single day. But these republicans are grown men and they still act like spoiled children. It’s ridiculous. I’m glad that most Americans can see through their immature tactics.

I wonder how many of my readers have the misfortune of having Eric “The Human Weasel” Cantor as their representative.  Eric Cantor is a liar and a scumbag. I don’t understand how this weasel was elected to begin with. You can tell he’s evil just by looking at him.

John Boehner is another pathetic republican. This lunatic is always crying because the Tea Party gives him a daily butt whipping. I don’t know what kind of mental issues John Boehner has, but there is definitely something very off about him.  I can’t believe this crybaby is the Speaker of the House. He’s got terrible leadership skills! Boehner needs to stop listening to these Tea Party idiots. Doesn’t Boehner know that the Tea Party is toxic?

More Americans are waking up every day. They’re getting wise to what’s really happening. If the republicans and Tea Party mess with middle class America, they’ll get tossed out on their rumps in the next election. The republicans are holding the middle class hostage and blaming everyone else. It’s appalling. Even some republicans like Scott Brown are saying that this is just plain wrong.

The republicans are trying to destroy America as we know it. If more republicans get elected, they’ll succeed in their evil plot. The United States will become a two-class country. Rich people and poor serfs. Children will be forced to work in hard labor jobs. College degrees will only be given to the offspring of the rich. Americans will be working until the day they die. No one will be able to afford basic health care and medical tests. America will become a sad and bleak place. It’s already happening with 1/3 of Americans currently living in poverty. The good news is that we can still stop the destruction of our country if we throw out all of these bought republicans before they can do more damage.

Eric Cantor and John Boehner:  Tell the Tea Party and your billionaire masters to do what’s right for the middle class of America!

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