Republicans Stoop to a New Low: Criticizing President Obama for Taking His Dog Shopping!

2011 White House Christmas Card Featuring First Dog, Bo

I saw Eric “The Weasel” Cantor on television yesterday. He was smirking (as usual) and complaining that President Obama had taken his dog to Petsmart to buy him a Christmas bone. Are these idiots trying to get thrown out of office?  Really, how low can these greedy idiots go? This is really pathetic.

John McCain, the 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate, also had a problem with President Barack Obama taking his dog, Bo, for an outing. McCain just needs to accept the fact that he made a stupid choice when he picked Sarah Palin for his running mate. He probably should just retire; I don’t think he’ll ever be able to live down that humiliating blunder.  You seriously have to wonder about McCain’s judgment. Didn’t McCain check out Sarah Palin at all before he picked her?

This prompted MSNBC’s Ed Shultz to bring Rex the Republican Hating Dog onto his show. I thought it was a great way to point out the absurdity of the situation.

Why do republicans resort to such trivial tactics? It just makes them look like petty idiots.

The republicans also have a problem with President Obama’s Christmas card. The Christmas card pictures Bo, a Portuguese water dog, lying in front of the fire in a warm and festively decorated room. I thought it was charming. Sarah “Brain Dead” Palin said the card was “odd.” She thought the card should feature: family, freedom and faith.Sarah, you idiot, many of us do consider our pets to be family members. And a political card needs to take into account that Americans have different religious faiths. Wow, how can someone be this ignorant?

Why is the media even still talking to Sarah Palin? The last I heard, Palin couldn’t even sell her ridiculous new reality show to TLC. Thankfully, Sarah Palin has already had her 15 minutes of fame (the longest 15 minutes of my life)!  It makes me want to vomit whenever I see this jerk on television. Has Sarah Palin ever said anything that was even remotely intelligent? I haven’t heard it.

There is even republican controversy over whether President Obama named his dog after himself using his initials: BO! Wow, republicans love to look for controversy and conspiracy when there is none.

Things must be getting hard for republicans. They’re really desperate now.

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