Phillip Dennis Spews More Misleading Tea Party Lies and Propaganda

Phillip Dennis : Misleads the Public to Further His Agenda

Phillip Dennis from the Dallas Tea Party acts like he’s got a screw loose. He acted like a raving lunatic on the Chris Matthews show again. Says that we can’t afford to pay for the middle class tax cuts, but we should keep taxes low for the rich. Yeah, okay.

When Matthews asked who Phillip Dennis supported for president, this zealot says Ronald Reagan. Hey, Dennis, Ronald Reagan, who raised taxes 11 times during his presidency, is dead. This is what makes the tea party so insane. They always talk absurd bull crap. Reagan is gone, teabaggers. Get over it and move on.

Phillip Dennis also said that he planned to use his $40 tax credit to buy 12 gallons of gasoline and that he used to get 25 gallons for the same price.  Before Barack Obama was president.

It’s very misleading to say that the price of gas shot up because of President Barack Obama. These tea party extremists like to imply that we had always enjoyed $1.80 gas and then Obama came along and spoiled the party. This is simply not true. Gas prices fell briefly in 2008 because of a specific set of economic circumstances.  Prior to this drop, we were paying huge gasoline prices for years.

In October of 2008, the month before the election, gas prices were around $3.50. In July 2008, gas prices spiked to $4.10. This happened under President Bush’s presidency. We already had gasoline prices over $3 a gallon by September 2005.

Don’t take my word for it. See it with your own eyes. Here are the month to month gas prices:

Gas Prices – Month to Month

Everyone knows that the gas prices rise and fall because of supply and demand/oil speculators. It is unfair to blame it on President Barack Obama. It is irresponsible to mislead people about the real reason this is happening. Just tell people the truth.

Phillip Dennis has got to be furious with the way his guys keep caving in to the democrats. As Sarah “No Brain” Palin would say: Gotta celebrate it!

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