Don’t Let Your Greedy Boss Make a Fool Out of You!

Don’t Let Greedy Employers Destroy America!

Greedy bosses are a huge problem in America today. They are destroying this beautiful country and putting a huge strain on taxpayers. They are getting richer by the minute, exploiting the misfortunes of the working poor in the United States.

Greedy employers love hard economic times like these. They don’t have to worry about any of their good employees leaving for greener pastures. A high unemployment rate is a wonderful thing to a greedy employer.

These so-called “Job Creators” love it when the republicans slash money from education programs. You see, a college degree doesn’t make a person smart or competent. There are very smart and talented people who never got to go to college. There are also some very dumb rich kids who have degrees from Ivy League colleges. These rich pukes only get into these prestigious colleges because their daddy makes large endowments to the schools. Then the spoiled little bastard spends the next four years partying and buying his term papers online.

Employers love it when they get a bright employee who doesn’t have a college degree. They can get away with paying him peanuts. Until the employee gets a 4 year college degree, he isn’t going to be getting any $30,000 a year job. He’s going to remain stuck in this low-paying job for a long time. Probably for the rest of his life.

Greedy bosses also hate providing benefits for their employees.  They won’t even provide their employees with paid sick days. A paid vacation is totally out of the question for low-paid workers.  If they get sick, they can’t go to the doctor anyway because they don’t have health insurance. These employees don’t have pensions or retirement accounts either. They will have to depend on social security and Medicare for their retirement.  And why wouldn’t they? They’ve paid into these programs all of their life. They need these programs to be there for them when it’s their turn to collect benefits.

It’s too bad that these republican freaks want to abolish the senior citizen safety net programs. That’s another important part of the republican plan to destroy the working class in America.  People will have no choice but to work until the day they drop dead. If there is no social security, there is no retirement for them.

Alice Walton is worth about $21 billion. Yet half of her employees qualify for food stamps.  In times of high unemployment, many of her employees are stuck with her lousy job. She can pay them chickenfeed and force the taxpayers to pick up the slack. Wal-Mart loves social programs like food stamps, Medicaid and the Earned Income Credit.  Most of this government money gets spent right back in their store. They can profit twice.  First, they severely underpay their employee so they are forced to apply for social services. Then, they make a lot of money when that social service money gets spent at Wal-Mart because the employee can’t afford to shop anywhere else. Wal-Mart is a company that has its cake and eats it too!

My advice to low-income workers: If you are working in a low-paying and dead end job, you shouldn’t be knocking yourself out to please your cheap boss. If you are being paid $7.50 an hour, you should do exactly $7.50 worth of work.  Nothing is more detrimental to the American workforce than a suck up minimum wage employee who is voluntarily doing the work of four people.  Not only are you taking away jobs from other Americans, you are allowing a greedy employer to take advantage of you. If everyone would stop doing this, employers might be inclined to pay their hard-working employees a fair wage. Don’t let a greedy boss make a fool of you.

Greedy Bosses are not “Job Creators.” They are “Job Killers.”

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