Support Wisconsin’s Fight to Throw Corrupt Governor Scott Walker out of Office

Scott Walker: Throw this Bum Out of Office

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may be one of the most despised republicans currently holding office. There is something really odd about Scott Walker. He looks like a cross between a mafia enforcer and Goofy.

The hottest topic in Wisconsin republican politics right now is the Scott Walker recall attempt. Right now, thousands of Wisconsin residents are signing petitions to oust this fascist from the governor’s office. Scott Walker hates labor; he is a radical extremist who is being funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers.

Here are some more greedy corporations to add to your boycott list. The following companies have funded Scott Walker and his attack on working families in Wisconsin: Koch Industries, AT&T, Walmart, John Deere Tractor, Johnsonville Brats, Sargento Cheese, Kwik Trip, Miller/Coors and SC Johnson and Sons (makers of Windex and Pledge).

If you live in Wisconsin, you need to sign the Scott Walker recall petition as soon as possible. Yesterday, on November 19, 2011, more than 40,000 Wisconsin residents stormed the state capitol demanding that Governor Scott Walker be recalled. So far, more than 100,000 signatures have been collected. He didn’t defeat his democratic opponent by a huge margin; recalling Governor Scott Walker is a very good possibility.

Wisconsin citizens were able to successfully recall two republican law makers, Randy Hopper and Dan Kapanke, earlier this year. Two republican bums were thrown out of office. Too bad one of them wasn’t Alberta Darling. She was the one that I would have most loved to see recalled.  Alberta Darling only survived her recall election because she had a ton of Koch Brothers money given to her. Hopefully, the next idiot to be cast out will be Walker himself.

All Wisconsin democrats need to get their boots on the ground and join the fight to remove Scott Walker from office. The greedy billionaire Koch Brothers and their right wing group, Americans for Prosperity, are already paying for a series of televised pro-Scott Walker ads.

To make matters worse, Scott Walker just passed the most restrictive Voter ID law in the country. This oppressive law will leave tens of thousands of voters out in the cold and unable to vote. The people most affected by this legislation are students, minorities and the elderly. The only reason Scott Walker wanted this law was to suppress the rights of democratic voters. If you know of any democratic voters who do not have an Identification card from the Wisconsin DMV, please encourage and help them to obtain one. Every citizen should be able to exercise their right to vote.

Something extraordinary is going on in Wisconsin right now. The people are standing up for their rights against a billionaire-funded fascist governor who wants to destroy their state. All democrats should support the efforts of the Wisconsin recall.

I’ve been following the Scott Walker situation from the very beginning. It really brings joy to my heart to see so many courageous Wisconsinites fighting to push this corrupt governor out. I hope that Florida and Ohio citizens will be fighting hard to recall their immoral governors: Rick Scott and John Kasich.

Scott Walker hasn’t been governor very long, yet he’s already managed to screw over the working families in Wisconsin. Walker never has any money for working families, the poor and the elderly in Wisconsin. However, he always manages to find plenty of funds for his rich buddies and greedy corporate cronies.

Scott Walker has committed many crimes against working families in Wisconsin. Shortly after becoming governor, Scott Walker took away the collective bargaining rights of 175,000 workers. These workers would no longer have the right to ask for fair wages. Worse, Scott Walker used the money he took from these families and gave it to his wealthy corporate CEO pals and his billionaire friends.

Like most republicans, Scott Walker hates education. He cut an astonishing $1.6 billion dollars from the Wisconsin public education system. At the same time, he gave $35 million to corporate owned private schools. Wisconsinites need to join together to protect the educational future of their children.

Scott Walker then cut $500 million from Wisconsin’s medical assistance program, BadgerCare. He even cut millions of dollars from a great program that helps the elderly and disabled remain independent and living in their own homes. How low can someone go? Does Scott Walker have any decency at all?

Walker has also joined in to overturn federal health laws that provide free mammograms to women and guaranteed health insurance coverage for sick children with pre-existing conditions.

Scott Walker also had the audacity to raise taxes on working families and the elderly. He made huge cuts to Wisconsin’s Earned Income Tax Credit ($56.2 million). He also raised the taxes of working families and senior citizens by $70 million. Then Scott Walker proceeded to lower the taxes of his rich friends and greedy corporations by a staggering $2 billion. This shady governor is definitely not working for the people of Wisconsin.

Scott Walker always has money for his rich friends. He hired lawyer friends of his and paid them $500,000 to help him defend his union crushing legislation.  On top of that, he paid them way more than they usually charged. Lawyers that normally made $65 an hour were given a raise and paid $300 per hour.

Scott Walker also killed the high speed rail project that would have created thousands of jobs in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker, who hates regulations that protect the public’s health, is trying to repeal clean water laws in Wisconsin. He’d like to accomplish this so his corporate cronies can continue to pollute the beautiful state of Wisconsin. The billionaire Koch Brothers especially love to pollute. David and Charles Koch have spent big bucks to get Scott Walker elected. In return, they expect to be allowed to pollute Wisconsin until their hearts are content.

Scott Walker has also voted for corrupt and partisan redistricting laws that will benefit Wisconsin republican politicians.

Like his fellow republicans, Scott Walker hates science and medical technology that can save lives. He wants to ban embryonic stem cell research. He also voted to suspend reproductive rights for women.  He’s  made Wisconsin a more dangerous place to live by loosening concealed carry gun laws.

How is Scott Walker’s legislation working out for the people of Wisconsin?  Like all republican voodoo economics, Walker’s policies have been an epic fail. In fact, Wisconsin has lost nearly 20,000 jobs since July of 2011.

Scott Walker opposes recall elections. This makes him a big hypocrite. Ironically, Walker was first elected as the Milwaukee County Executive via a recall election. At the time, Scott Walker called recall elections, “Democracy in action.” Of course, now that he’s the one facing recall, he doesn’t think it’s democracy anymore.

To all Wisconsinites: Keep up the good work and THROW THIS BUM OUT!

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