Disgusting Corporate Greed! Walmart and Target Open Early for Black Friday Sales

Thanksgiving: A Day for Family, Not Greed!

This years, big retailers like Target and Walmart, are opening earlier than ever before on Black Friday so they can pull in more corporate profits.  Are these corporations so greedy that they can’t even allow their employees time to digest their Thanksgiving dinner before having to go to work?

I’ve never felt the need to shop on Black Friday. I prefer to buy from small businesses and online vendors. However, I’ve witnessed the horrors of Black Friday several times while dropping off a relative who works at one of these retailers.  It is always a shocking and disgusting freak show of greed and violence. I wouldn’t participate in Black Friday madness if everything in the store was free!

Thanksgiving is a day that people should spend with each other. Shopping should be the last thing on someone’s mind as they celebrate their blessings and spend time with family. The Thanksgiving celebration should go on into the night. This precious family time shouldn’t end early because Susie has to go to work at her minimum wage Walmart job or because Granny has to get ready to shop ‘til she drops (or gets run over by a mob of violent shoppers).

Maybe stores should also open early on Christmas Day. That way people can leave the holiday party and get an early start on returning Christmas gifts that they hated. Corporate greed is just getting ridiculous now.

This year, Target will open at midnight. Walmart will open at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day.

Employees of Target and Walmart can forget about eating turkey and socializing with family. These employees will need to sleep Thanksgiving Day away so they can be energetic throughout the night on Black Friday.

Are people so desperate to buy things that they need to break up their family celebration early to go wait in huge lines on Thanksgiving Day? Why can’t they just enjoy the holiday, sleep well and shop the next morning?

Target employees got together this year and collected 190,000 signatures. These signatures were taken to Target’s Corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Target, a non-union corporation, completely disregarded the request and wishes of the people who signed the petitions.  According to Target employee, Seth Coleman, “All Americans should be able to break bread with loved ones and get a good night’s rest on Thanksgiving.” That seems reasonable to me, Seth!

Stores used to be closed on Sundays so families could enjoy a home- cooked dinner and spend time with their loved ones. Now families can’t even spend the whole day together on Thanksgiving.

I will not be shopping on Black Friday. Everyone who opposes greed and materialism should boycott these very early Black Friday sales. Black Friday sales that start so early on a holiday are anti-family and anti-worker.

Better yet, save some of that money to spend on Small Business Saturday on November 26, 2011. It’s great to patronize small businesses that treat their employees with respect and compassion. Small Business Saturday is a great day to explore small businesses and your local flea markets. Flea markets are a great source of  low-cost unique items, handmade crafts and beautiful gifts.

Black Friday will probably be soon renamed Black Thanksgiving.  And that will be a terrible shame.

I realize that I’ll probably get 1000 angry emails saying “people should be thankful to even have a job.”  I realize that people should be thankful to be employed, even if their jobs are low-paying Target and Walmart jobs without benefits. But why can’t these greedy corporations allow their employees a full Thanksgiving Day so they can celebrate their good fortune?

Besides Walmart and Target, other corporations that will be opening early include: Toys R Us, K-Mart, Macy’s and Kohl’s.

If you are disgusted by Black Friday greed, speak up by staying home with your family on Thanksgiving Day and counting your blessings. Boycott the Black Friday Madness!

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