Crazy and Violent Tea Baggers Scream: There is Nothing Better Than a Dead Liberal!

You have to see this video to believe it! This is a shining example of how dangerous the tea party can be. I hope the authorities are keeping a close eye on these right wing extremists.

These Tea Party freaks are terrifying. These are tea party psychopaths who fantasize about killing liberals. You can tell that these people are completely mentally gone. Right wing fanatics like this are way too dangerous to live in a civilized society. It’s like the zombie apocalypse. These are not activists; they are maniacs.

Seriously, these people that talk about killing liberals are allowed to own guns? I’m a pro-gun liberal. I do believe that most citizens should be allowed to own guns. I own a gun. I use it for personal protection. However, I’m not mentally unhinged like the people shown in this video. If you talk violently and express the desire to kill people because you disagree with them politically, your right to own a gun should be stripped.

It’s just that when you’ve got radical extremists and religious fundamentalists talking such violent rhetoric, it kind of makes you wonder if everyone should be allowed to own a gun. Especially people like the woman in this video who cheerfully tells a camera man, “There is nothing better than a dead liberal.” It just seems that these sadistic tea baggers are obsessed with death, violence and suffering.

These tea party idiots appear to be oblivious to the fact that they are practicing fascism. The Tea Party is the cancer that is currently eating away at America.

“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” -Sinclair Lewis

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