Disgusting Corporate Greed! Walmart and Target Open Early for Black Friday Sales

This years, big retailers like Target and Walmart, are opening earlier than ever before on Black Friday so they can pull in more corporate profits.  Are these corporations so greedy that they can’t even allow their employees time to digest their Thanksgiving dinner before having to go to work? I’ve … Continue reading

Crazy and Violent Tea Baggers Scream: There is Nothing Better Than a Dead Liberal!

You have to see this video to believe it! This is a shining example of how dangerous the tea party can be. I hope the authorities are keeping a close eye on these right wing extremists. These Tea Party freaks are terrifying. These are tea party psychopaths who fantasize about … Continue reading

Deadbeat Dad Congressman Joe Walsh Screams at Constituents and Calls Occupy Protesters Anti-American

Dead Beat Dad Joe Walsh is really losing his mind. He’s calling Occupy protesters Anti-American and screaming at his constituents.  Joe Walsh really has no sense of decency at all. He constantly goes off like a loose cannon. People think he’s crazy. I seriously doubt that this radical extremist republican … Continue reading

Fake David Koch Prank Phone Call to Scott Walker – Frigging Hilarious!

Here is part 1 and part 2 of the hilarious and infamous David Koch prank phone call to Governor Scott “Goofy” Walker. Buffalo Beast blogger, Ian Murphy, phoned Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, pretending to be be greedy billionaire, David Koch. The phone call was so hilarious. How humiliating for Scott … Continue reading

Bill Looman III, An Anti-American Redneck Teabagger! His Business is NOT Hiring Until Obama Is Gone!

I’ve never seen such anti-American behavior in my life. Looman is the owner of US Crane, LLC, located in Georgia.  Bill Looman III has painted a very offensive message on his company truck: His company’s policy is to hire no employees until President Barack Obama is out of office. Mr. … Continue reading

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