No Justice for Jamey Rodemeyer! Bullies Will Not be Prosecuted for Causing Teen’s Suicide!

Jamey Rodemeyer killed himself on September 18, 2011 after being tormented by bullies. The bullying was so severe that Jamey could not see any other way out except for suicide. Jamey was only 14 years old. Today, it was announced that the bullies who caused Jamey’s death will not be … Continue reading

Republican Troll Newt Gingrich: Bring Back Child Labor!

It just keeps getting worse and worse with these fascist republicans. You can always count on Newt Gingrich to say something that’s stupid and mean. Apparently, Newt is unhappy about the child labor laws. He thinks child labor laws are stupid! Here is what Greedy Newt had to say: “This … Continue reading

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