Shameless Corporate Greed! Johnson & Johnson Puts Cancer Causing Poisons in Their Baby Shampoo

When my babies were small, I always bought Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I always felt good about using their gentle “No More Tears” formula. I even used Johnson’s Baby Shampoo on my two dogs and cat. I used it on my own hair. I felt safe using it; I trusted Johnson … Continue reading

Bank of America Reconsiders Their Greedy Plan to Charge Customers for Using Debit Card

Bank of America, one of America’s greediest corporations, has decided not to go ahead with a plan to start charging customers $5 a month to use their debit cards. This would have been just another oppressive tax on the poor. Many low-income people rely on debit cards because they’ve had … Continue reading

Perverted Presidential Candidate Herman Cain : Sexual Harrassment is Very Profitable

Just when you think you’ve heard it all! How depraved are these Tea Party idiots? Well, we know most of them have no respect for women in general. However, this story is especially hard to stomach. Herman Cain’s crooked campaign manager, Mark “Marlboro Man” Block, revealed today that Cain had … Continue reading

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