Support Wisconsin’s Fight to Throw Corrupt Governor Scott Walker out of Office

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may be one of the most despised republicans currently holding office. There is something really odd about Scott Walker. He looks like a cross between a mafia enforcer and Goofy. The hottest topic in Wisconsin republican politics right now is the Scott Walker recall attempt. Right … Continue reading

A List of Republican Celebrities to Boycott and Democratic Celebrities to Celebrate

It seems that most of the greatest celebrities are liberals. I really appreciated the fact that Ashton Kutcher questioned that Texas girl on whether or not she was a republican before he slept with her.  Things like that really warm my heart. I’ve had a bunch of fellow liberals email … Continue reading

RINO Mitt Romney Plays Dirty in His New Misleading Dishonest Campaign Ad

I haven’t written much about Mitt Romney. After all, Mitt is really kind of liberal. I think that Mitt Romney may be more liberal than President Barack Obama.  And Mitt Romney has been shunned by most of the hard-core Tea Party members. I’ve actually heard that the radical right extremist … Continue reading

Disgusting Corporate Greed! Walmart and Target Open Early for Black Friday Sales

This years, big retailers like Target and Walmart, are opening earlier than ever before on Black Friday so they can pull in more corporate profits.  Are these corporations so greedy that they can’t even allow their employees time to digest their Thanksgiving dinner before having to go to work? I’ve … Continue reading

Crazy and Violent Tea Baggers Scream: There is Nothing Better Than a Dead Liberal!

You have to see this video to believe it! This is a shining example of how dangerous the tea party can be. I hope the authorities are keeping a close eye on these right wing extremists. These Tea Party freaks are terrifying. These are tea party psychopaths who fantasize about … Continue reading

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