The Republican Lunatics are Providing Plenty of Great Ammunition for President Barack Obama in 2012

I'm Going to Win in 2012!

It seems that the republicans are getting crazier by the day. The craziest one will undoubtedly win the 2012 republican nomination. However, in playing the crazy game, they’ve alienated the seniors, the college students, the feminists and the Hispanic population. Intelligent and reasonable people think these republican contenders are totally nuts.  Nowadays, every thing these politicians say and do is well-documented, blogged about and tossed up on YouTube.

President Obama must be laughing his ass off every time he turns on the news. He’s going to have a lot of “crazy talk” footage to show in his campaign ads.  Every single 2012 republican candidate has flip-flopped and talked like a complete loon to please their idiot teabagger followers. Trust me, this will all come back to haunt them during the general election. Mainstream Americans don’t like this kind of crazy talk. Just because republicans have some very vocal tea party freaks cheering them on doesn’t mean that the majority of Americans feel the same way.

The Tea Party is just another lunatic fringe group. They are the minority. The Tea Party rallies in my area have hardly any attendance lately. There is usually just a handful or two of vocal deranged teabaggers holding up “Don’t Tread on Me” and “Obama is a Communist” signs.  The signs are usually rife with misspellings.  It’s a real hoot to drive by these nuts.

As a democrat and supporter of President Barack Obama, this crazy talk is music to my ears. These republicans are giving President Obama plenty of ammunition for the 2012 presidential elections. He’s got a full quiver of arrows! The presidential election is only about a year away now. It’s going to be a really great year of political freakishness.

I bet that Senator John McCain wishes he had a time machine. Then he could go back in time and Sarah Palin would have never gotten out of Alaska. Talk about committing political suicide. I think that McCain may have won the election if he had selected a running mate that wasn’t totally insane like Sarah Palin. I bet he feels a little bile rise up in the back of his throat every time he sees Crazy Sarah now.

You’d think that the Republican Party would have learned from John McCain’s terrible mistake. Most Americans prefer presidents and vice-presidents who aren’t insane. These republicans need to tone it down a lot if they expect to beat President Barack Obama in 2012.

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