Herman Cain – A Greedy Old Pig and a Sexual Pervert?

I'll Touch Your Boobies!

Don’t you love how the crazy teabaggers foam at the mouth whenever there is a democratic politician caught in a sex scandal? I remember how happy Sean “The Ape Man” Hannity and Andrew “The Scumbag” Breitbart were when Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught tweeting pictures of his weiner. Oh, those greedy old pigs all screamed for Anthony Weiner’s resignation.

However, these republican hypocrites become real tight-lipped when one of their own gets caught with their pants down. There have been plenty of republican sex scandals. And you gotta love it when it happens because they’re always up on their high horse.

Now there are allegations coming to light that Herman Cain may have sexually harassed some of his female employees. I believe it.  Herman Cain definitely has an odd manner about him; I get a “pervert vibe” from looking at him.

It has also been reported that there was a cash settlement with at least one of the women.  If a greedy rich person engages in sexual misconduct, the whole incident can easily be swept under the rug with some hush money.

Now Herman Cain can take his rightful place among the rest of the GOP sex perverts. Of course, Herman Cain is denying it. He’s claiming that he has a big target on his back now. What’s actually happening is that the skeletons are popping out of Herman Cain’s closet. He’s behaved like a greedy and immoral bastard all of his life. And now we find out that he’s also a sexual pervert.

I wonder what the Koch Brothers think of their little darling Herman Cain now. Will the Koch Brothers still support Herman Cain after finding out about his sexual misconduct?

Herman Cain has only himself to blame if he’s a sex pervert.

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