Greedy Bastard Ron Paul Wants to End the Federal Student Loan Program if He’s Elected President

Ron Paul : "We Don't Need No Education."

It looks like Dr. Death, Ron “Let Him Die” Paul, might have cooked his own goose with his college student supporters. Yesterday, Paul discussed his devious plan to end the student loan program on Meet the Press. He called it a failed program and claimed that it artificially inflated college tuition costs. He claims that by ending the student loan program, college tuition will drop way down and become affordable for everyone.

More Republican Voodoo Economics –The Money Will Trickle Down on All of Us!

This sounds more like another warped Ayn Rand fantasy to me. So, if Ron Paul eliminates student loans, college tuition will suddenly drop like a rock? This reminds me of that trickle-down wealth lie that greedy republicans have been forcing on us for over 30 years. Do they think that we’re stupid? If the wealth hasn’t trickled down by now, it never will. Ronald Reagan and his voodoo economics were an epic fail. Republicans need to get over that and realize that it didn’t work.

I don’t know why this is so shocking to me.  After all, Ron Paul wants to legalize heroin and he also thinks that we’d be able to save money on health care if medical practitioners didn’t have to be licensed. I can’t speak for everyone, but I prefer my doctors to have licenses.

Ron Paul is extreme and scary. I’d be terrified to see what America would be like if he were elected president.

The student loan program may not be perfect, but many low and middle-class students would not have been able to get a college degree without it. Low-income students need student loans. Taking away the student loan program would take away their ability to obtain a college degree. Only the rich kids would be able to get a degree. This would create an even bigger divide in the United States.

These stupid republicans don’t care about education. They hate it! We all know that the master plan of these greedy republican idiots is to totally cripple the education system in the United States.  The result of less education will be more stupid people. Stupid people = more republicans. Crippling the labor unions and abolishing education would really further the agenda of the Republican Party.

We cannot let Ron Paul and the rest of the Republican Party get away with this. If these greedy fools get elected to office, the Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist will be running the country and we’ll be living in tents and caves.

All democrats need to get their boots on the ground and campaign for what is right for this country. If we all stick together, we can defeat these evil republicans who want to destroy our country.

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