Corporate Greed Gone Wild! Safeway has Pregnant Woman Arrested for Forgetting to Pay for a $5 Sandwich!

Corporate Greed is Destroying America

If you find corporate greed disgusting, the arrest of Nicole Leczcyzynski will sicken you. While shopping at the Safeway grocery store in in Makiki, a neighborhood in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nicole was arrested for forgetting to pay for a chicken sandwich. Nicole, who is 30 weeks pregnant, had just walked to the store with her 3 year old daughter in tow. She was tired, dizzy and felt faint. So, she grabbed a sandwich and consumed it while she completed her grocery shopping.

By the time she paid for her groceries, she had completely forgotten about the chicken sandwich. This is easy to do while shopping with a small child. Moms get distracted sometimes.

When confronted by security, she apologized and offered to pay for the sandwich. This apparently wasn’t good enough for the overzealous power-hungry Safeway staff. They decided to call the police instead of just letting this pregnant woman pay for the chicken sandwich. What kind of sick and twisted freaks does Safeway employ? Don’t they have any empathy or compassion? Do these Safeway employees have any common sense? Talk about wasting taxpayer money by calling the police over such a small matter!

Safeway had Nicole and her husband arrested. They had her little 3 year old daughter put into custody with Child Protective Services. Can you imagine how traumatizing this would be for a small child? I feel so bad for that poor little girl; she must have been terrified. I’m a mother myself; I just can’t imagine the horror this caused the poor family. And all because of a $5 sandwich!

I’m repulsed by this story. This is just another example of how corporate greed is destroying our country. It’s too bad that Nicole and her husband weren’t Wall Street bankers or greedy politicians. Then there wouldn’t have been a problem at all. They would have gotten a round of applause instead.

This makes no sense to me. Rich greedy people steal millions of dollars and get a big bonus! Low-income people forget to pay for a chicken sandwich and go to jail. The economic injustice in the United States is appalling.

Safeway should be boycotted. I wouldn’t give this greedy corporation a penny of my money. I hope this woman sues them for millions of dollars. Hit these greedy bastards where it hurts them the most! All greedy corporations really care about is money.

Shame on you, Safeway! Stop putting profits above people! You deserve to lose all of your business. People should not spend their grocery money with greedy corporations like Safeway.

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One thought on “Corporate Greed Gone Wild! Safeway has Pregnant Woman Arrested for Forgetting to Pay for a $5 Sandwich!

  1. I like the way you think. I live in Hawaii and go by SpectreDeed in Hawaii too. May I compliment your posting with mine and its link.

    To be fair to Safeway, I think they “get it.” I understand Remedial Common Sense training for Frontline Employers has been promulgated.

    This is a blithering blunder on so many levels. The small error begins and ends with the pregnant gal, whose family just paid $50-odd for groceries. Theft? When presented with the $10 sandwich discrepancy, an “ooops, sorry…” a quick turnaround at the cashier’s and a quick swipe of the credit card/cash should have happened.

    The REAL Error – a line employee, then manager turned their brains (and eyes) off in allowing the matter to rise to this level of National and International “prestige.” The responding Officers (darn Good Folks, I know) could not introduce “common sense” into the equation? They were helpless to turn to the Safeway Employees and say, “this is silly, let this woman pay for the sandwiches. It was an honest mistake…” – then get back in their cruisers and drive away?

    The BIG PICTURE – the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is due soon. This absurdity showcases the State’s (Country’s?) inability to think creatively and act appropriately in such a simple matter which is allowed to rise to such a level.


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