Charles and David Koch, AKA The Greedy and Evil Koch Brothers

Greedy Evil Koch Brothers


The billionaire Koch Brothers may be the greediest people alive.  Don’t let their kindly grandfather faces fool you; the Koch Brothers are pure evil. Like Grover Norquist, the Koch brothers don’t get enough media attention. I’ll bet that 95% of the United States population has never heard of the Koch Brothers and their evil actions.

The billionaire Koch Brothers are already worth nearly 50 billion dollars, yet these greedy jerks still want more. They won’t be happy until they own the entire United States.

With the recent news of the Koch Bros illegally trading with Iran, I think it’s time to charge these monsters and throw them in jail. They have been engaging in highly unethical (and illegal) behavior for their entire lives. The Koch Brothers father secured his fortune through his association with Stalin. The Koch Brothers are responsible for the idiot  teabagger movement.  If it wasn’t for the Koch blood money, these circus freaks wouldn’t have even gotten their feet in the door of American politics.

Who are the Koch Brothers?

Charles and David Koch are the sons of Fred Koch, who was an original member of the radical right John Birch Society. The Koch Brothers father had been funding the radical right wing movement in America for decades.

Fred Koch died of a heart attack in 1967, leaving his greedy sons 300 million dollars.

Charles Koch co-founded the Cato Institute in 1977; David Koch created Citizens for a Sound Economy in 1984. Both of these organizations were founded to further the Koch Brother’s radical right agenda.

The Koch Brothers have bought Republican politics in the United States; they’ve donated nearly $90 million to right wing causes.

The Koch Brothers and the Tea Party

The shrewd Kochs realized that they had to spend some money at the grass roots level too. To accomplish this, they created and funded the idiot teabaggers and also made direct campaign donations to republican candidates who would help their cause. The Koch Brothers spent $1.2 million to buy the elections of corrupt union busting governors, Scott Walker of Wisconsin and John Kasich of Ohio.

The Koch Brothers initially tried to deny their involvement in the teabagger movement. However, it was relatively easy to follow the money trail. The money trail led straight to the Koch Brothers. The teabaggers are the Koch Brothers own personal army. :The Kochs are the billionaires behind the hate.

The Koch Brothers Need to Be Exposed

Americans need to be warned about Charles and David Koch.  The Koch Brothers hate unions and workers’ rights. They oppose health care for all Americans. They hate agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency. Apparently our access to fresh air and clean water cuts into Koch Industries profits. The Koch Brothers oppose Wall Street reform.  They deny science and global warming. They want to see Social Security, Medicare and other social safety net programs abolished.  Their ultimate goal is to destroy the middle class in America. They want to destroy unions so the super-wealthy and big corporations can profit by exploiting their workers. If the Koch Brothers aren’t stopped, good paying jobs for middle class Americans will soon disappear.

The Koch Brothers are responsible for $4 a gallon gas.  They don’t care if your family is struggling – as long as they’re making a profit.

The Koch Brothers seek to eliminate the estate tax, which only affects the wealthiest of Americans. To compensate for the revenue loss of the estate tax, they propose steep cuts in education programs and social security. Who cares if the elderly and disabled are living in a cardboard box as long as the Koch Brothers are making money?

The Koch Brothers Love to Pollute the Earth

The Kochs hate the Environmental Protection Agency because they LOVE TO POLLUTE.  They don’t want dangerous substances regulated; this would cost the Koch Brothers some serious money. The Koch Brothers are especially fond of formaldehyde.

It makes you wonder how many people have died because the Koch Brothers have polluted our country. How many people have died of cancer so the Koch Brother could make a profit? How many millions of people will die if the Kochs succeed in abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency?

The Koch Brothers pretend that they don’t believe in global warming as climate change regulations would be bad for business. In fact, the Koch Brothers have spent nearly $25 million to fund propaganda that denies global warming. The Koch Bros companies and Koch Industries would not make as much money with new regulations in place to combat global warming.

The Koch Brothers Want to Buy the 2012 Elections

Everyone needs to get the word out and stop these Koch Brothers before 2012. They are planning to raise and spend $90 million to defeat President Barack Obama. If this happens, we’re going to be in deep trouble. The Koch Brothers need to be stopped immediately before they further damage the economy of the United States.

The Koch Brothers have already started buying off potential 2012 republican candidates like Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

Please don’t let the Koch Brothers destroy the American middle class. Do whatever you can do to stop them before it is too late.

The Koch Brothers Love a Bad Economy

The Koch Brothers benefit from a bad economy. In fact, the Koch Brothers have increased their wealth by nearly 50% in the past year.  Much of this money came from their manipulation of gas prices. They make billions of dollars forcing up the prices of oil and other commodities. Americans are feeling the pain of high gasoline prices while the greedy Koch Brothers click their heels together with glee! People may assume that rich people want a good economy so they make more money. The terrible truth is that the Koch Brothers make a lot more money in a bad economy.

The Koch Brothers have made a fortune from the recession. They want more recessions. They’d really love a depression. Who cares if 99% of Americans must suffer? As long as the Koch Brothers make more money, all is well.

The Evil Koch Brothers Will Destroy America

The trickle-down effect is a farce—it has never worked and will never work. The rich will just get richer and the middle class will become poor.

The Koch Brothers have decided to use the most gullible people on earth, the teabaggers, to further their radical political agenda. The Koch Brothers are the puppet masters of the Tea Party.

Why are the Koch Brothers so evil and greedy? Don’t they already have enough money? Don’t they have any grandchildren to entertain themselves with in their old age?

The Koch Bros are Criminals and Traitors to the United States

The Koch Brothers are criminal scumbags. The Koch Brothers needs to be brought down and put in jail where they belong. They should be sharing a prison cell with their friend and fellow scumbag, Rupert Murdoch. These people need to be imprisoned before they do any more damage.

Now, it is coming to light that the Koch Brothers have not only behaved in an unethical manner, but also in an illegal manner. The Koch Brothers have committed criminal acts of pollution and other environmental abuses. They have stolen oil and made illegal sales to Iran. They have been involved in bribery and tax evasion. How many more crimes will the Koch Brothers commit before justice intervenes? They need to be held accountable for their crimes.

Anyone else would have been jailed already, but different rules apply to Charles and David Koch. The Kochs haven’t covered their asses very well with the whole Iranian scandal.

These aren’t small crimes either. The Koch Brothers have done business with terrorists. They’ve provided terrorists with weapons to kill our American soldiers. It doesn’t get much worse than that. They violated the United States trade embargo and committed many illegal acts to increase their personal wealth. They should be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity along with Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. Profiting from doing business with our enemies and stealing from our citizens? Why is America allowing this to continue?

The Koch Brothers motto: Good for me, screw everyone else! The Koch Brothers are parasites; they are the warts on the rear end of humanity. The Koch Brothers can buy anything they want – don’t let them buy America too!

The Koch Brothers need to come out of the shadows and show Americans who they really are. They are monsters. They are greedy idiots who would stop at nothing to get what they want. They are social Darwinists who would love to see the poor, disabled and elderly die.

What can you do to stop the Koch Brothers?

Support the boycott of Koch Brothers Products at –Don’t buy anything that Koch Industries manufactures

Write your lawmakers and demand the Koch Brothers pay their fair share of taxes

Demand that the Koch Brothers be tried for their criminal acts

Do whatever you can to expose the true motives of the Koch Brothers. Americans need to be made aware of what is actually going on with Charles and David Koch. Blog about them; post about them on forums. Spread the word about the evil agenda of the Koch Bros!

Don’t support any politician who is being funded by the billionaire Koch Bros wealth or has signed the Grover Norquist pledge. Politicians should do what is right for the citizens of the United States –not what is right for Grover Norquist and the Koch Brothers!

Support the people of Wisconsin in their attempts to recall the Koch Brothers union buster darling, Governor Scott Walker. Scott Walker needs to be recalled or impeached!

Sign Dylan Radigan’s petition to get money out of politics! Over 100,000 Americans have signed the Dylan Ratigan petition in the last week. You can sign the petition at

The Koch Bros Love to Remain Anonymous

Privacy is important to the Koch Bros. They often refuse interviews. They prefer to commit their dirty deeds in secret. The Koch Bros need to be exposed – they need to be the lead story on the news, every day.

It’s been reported that the Kochs are very worried about the upcoming media shit storm they will soon be receiving. They don’t like to receive any negative publicity.

These greedy old jerks should just enjoy the time they have left and stop plotting to destroy America.

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