Herman Cain – A Greedy Old Pig and a Sexual Pervert?

Don’t you love how the crazy teabaggers foam at the mouth whenever there is a democratic politician caught in a sex scandal? I remember how happy Sean “The Ape Man” Hannity and Andrew “The Scumbag” Breitbart were when Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught tweeting pictures of his weiner. Oh, those … Continue reading

Corporate Greed Gone Wild! Safeway has Pregnant Woman Arrested for Forgetting to Pay for a $5 Sandwich!

If you find corporate greed disgusting, the arrest of Nicole Leczcyzynski will sicken you. While shopping at the Safeway grocery store in in Makiki, a neighborhood in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nicole was arrested for forgetting to pay for a chicken sandwich. Nicole, who is 30 weeks pregnant, had just walked to … Continue reading

Rick “I’m Ignorant ” Perry Jumps on the Birther Bandwagon

Rick Perry must be totally desperate to save his 2012 political campaign. Recently, Rick has displeased his idiot teabagger followers and now he has fallen in the polls. His sin? He was caught showing some compassion for immigrants. Once, Rick was the republican front runner. Now, he’s fallen below Mitt … Continue reading

The Republican Lunatics are Providing Plenty of Great Ammunition for President Barack Obama in 2012

It seems that the republicans are getting crazier by the day. The craziest one will undoubtedly win the 2012 republican nomination. However, in playing the crazy game, they’ve alienated the seniors, the college students, the feminists and the Hispanic population. Intelligent and reasonable people think these republican contenders are totally … Continue reading

Greedy Bastard Ron Paul Wants to End the Federal Student Loan Program if He’s Elected President

It looks like Dr. Death, Ron “Let Him Die” Paul, might have cooked his own goose with his college student supporters. Yesterday, Paul discussed his devious plan to end the student loan program on Meet the Press. He called it a failed program and claimed that it artificially inflated college … Continue reading

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