The Greedy Old Pigs (GOP) and Blood Sucker Paul Ryan Blame the Economic Woes on Grandma

Granny Must Die!


My grandmother is almost 100 years old. She’s lived a long time. She’s a real burden on society. The GOP doesn’t like to see this. They feel that people should be courteous enough to die before they waste too much taxpayer’s money.

Do you also have a parent or grandparent who screwing up this country by living too long? You need to tell Grandma that she needs to stop sucking on the government teat. Enough is enough. Some of these old people have been on social security for 30+ years! Talk about milking the system.

Sadly, this is really how greedy republicans and crazy teabaggers think. It’s sad. I think it’s funny that most tea party members don’t believe in evolution, but they believe in social Darwinism.

It’s a sticky situation for greedy republicans. Many senior citizens vote republican out of habit. They don’t realize that the current republican party is much different than the old republican party. The Greedy Old Pigs can’t risk alienating senior citizens this close to an election.

Greedy republican and Dracula look-a-like, Paul Ryan, decided to come up with a solution. This plan was called Path to Prosperity. It certainly is a path to prosperity if you are a greedy republican.

Paul Ryan proposed abolishing the great Medicare system that seniors currently enjoy. Of course, it wouldn’t affect any seniors currently on Medicare. That would be political suicide for greedy republicans. Can you image how angry these elderly folks would be if their Medicare was cut? They’d probably vote democrat in the next election.

So, Dracula wrote the bill in a way that only people who were 55 and younger would be cut off. Instead of getting Medicare when they reached 65, they’d get a worthless voucher that they could wipe their butts with.

And as usual, Greedy Paul Ryan wasn’t just planning to abolish Medicare. He also made sure that he took care of the rich campaign donors by reducing their taxes to a mere 25%. Ryan touted his plan at town hall meetings, but it turned out that his plan wasn’t very popular. Even in Tea Party Polls, most teabaggers didn’t want to lose their Medicare.

Teabaggers and republicans are such hypocrites. It’s only democratic socialism if they don’t benefit from it personally. Why doesn’t Paul Ryan and his rich cohorts give up their excellent government healthcare? And if Paul Ryan thinks that abolishing Medicare is a great idea in 10 years, why isn’t it a good idea now? Just do it now and take the consequences if it will save America.

Paul Ryan, you a blood-sucking greedy republican jerk. Evil and greed oozes out of you.

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