Psychotic Teabaggers Scream at Man Afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease

I couldn’t believe my eyes when someone forwarded me this video which depicts a man with Parkinson’s being harassed by a group of insane tea party zealots. These domestic terrorists actually have the nerve to call themselves “Christians.” It brought tears to my eyes as deranged tea party activists screamed in his face, “NO MORE HANDOUTS!”

Are these tea party members’ even human beings? Or are they Ape People that haven’t fully evolved yet?

Oprah Winfrey once said, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” I think this video clearly demonstrates who these people are. It’s absolutely sickening. I’m glad to hear that the FBI is cracking down on tea party and religious extremists. The scary thing is that most tea party members are armed. I’m all for a citizen’s right to bear arms, but not if they are deranged lunatics like these people.

One thought on “Psychotic Teabaggers Scream at Man Afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease

  1. These people must all be voted out in the next election. I like your website.

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