Greedy Rick “Kill Them Dead’ Perry Lives the Good Life


Send Me More Cowboy Boots!

Rick “Kill Them Dead” Perry Enjoys the Good Life

Being a greedy republican definitely has its perks. Greedy Texan Rick Perry has learned this well. Perry may have come from humble beginnings, but now he’s the master of the political money game. Rick Perry enjoys living as large as Texas. He enjoys fine merchandise, world class travel and a high standard of living.

Lucky for him, his generous followers regularly shower him with gifts and lots of cold, hard cash!

Here are some of the perks that Greedy Rick Perry has enjoyed:

22 pairs of cowboy boots

Stetson Hats

Belt buckles and cufflinks

Expensive hunting trips

Expensive window treatments

Fine Dining

Tickets to sporting events like football and basketball games

Legal fees

Medical Tests

Scuba Diving

Taxpayers are currently paying $8500 a month for Rick Perry to live in a huge mansion.

In Texas, ethic laws are very loose (not surprisingly). Greedy republican Rick can receive unlimited gifts and cash. Is it fair for Greedy Rick Perry to have so much when others have so little? How many pairs of cowboy boots does one man need? Rick, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

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