Greedy Rick “Kill Them Dead’ Perry Lives the Good Life Rick “Kill Them Dead” Perry Enjoys the Good Life Being a greedy republican definitely has its perks. Greedy Texan Rick Perry has learned this well. Perry may have come from humble beginnings, but now he’s the master of the political money game. Rick Perry enjoys living as large … Continue reading

Greedy Grover “The Enforcer” Norquist and His Insane Pledge to Destroy America

I think it’s a crying shame that most liberal websites don’t pay enough attention to Greedy Republican Grover Norquist.Grover “The Enforcer” Norquist usually manages to fly under the internet radar while he rules other greedy republicans with an iron fist. Lawrence O’Donnell, of MSNBC, calls Norquist “the most powerful man … Continue reading

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