Mitt Romney Cruelly Dismisses a Medical Marijuana Patient

Mitt Romney rudely dismisses a medical marijuana user, a man suffering from Multiple Dystrophy.  Mitt, every time I think you couldn’t go any lower, you do!  My heart broke for this man who was trying to reach out to Mitt Romney. You need to watch this video and see how heartless Mitt Romney really is. Do we really want a merciless jerk like this for our President?

How does this man’s marijuana use (for a legitimate medical condition) harm our country?  This is a disgusting abuse of government power.  Mitt is a complete idiot. He’s a pompous and elitist nutjob who needs to take a good look at himself before he judges others. Mitt Romney is a man who became rich by causing financial pain to families. His company, Bain Capital, destroyed companies and cost thousands of people their jobs so a few rich people could get richer. Mitt Romney could care less about the middle class in America as long as his bank account gets fatter.

Mitt doesn’t care about this man and he doesn’t care about you. If you aren’t rich, you don’t count as a person to Mitt Romney.

Even that depraved lunatic, Newt Gingrich, says Mitt Romney is a liar. That’s pretty bad.

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